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Our personal finance calculators are primarily about saving you money. In addition to figuring out your net worth and how long it will take before you become a millionaire, find out how much you can save by making your own meals vs. eating out, buying generic instead of name brand, quitting smoking, and driving less. You can also use our Opportunity Cost Calculator to see what affect making an unnecessary purchase will have on your future savings.

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Loan Calculators

Loan Calculator
Loan Comparison Calculator

Net Worth & Millionaire Calculators

Net Worth Calculator
Millionaire Calculator

Savings Calculators

Percentage Calculator
Savings From Quitting Smoking
Meal Saving Calculator
Name Brand vs Generic Calculator
Self Transport vs Driving Calculator

Opportunity Cost Calculators

Opportunity Cost Calculator

Interest Calculators

Compound Interest Calculator (Periodic Investments)
Lump Sum Future Value Calculator
CD Interest & APY Calculator

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Smart Investing
Money and Happiness
Secret to Having Zero Debt