New Home Value with Current Rental Payments

If you'd like to buy a new home but keep your monthly payments the same as your current rental payments, this calculator will give you the maximum amount you should pay for a house. You might also be interested in our New Home Calculator, where you can find out how much you can afford for a new home, not considering your current rental payments.

New Home Value from Current Rental Payment Calculator

Find out how much you could afford to pay for a home if you'd like to keep paying what you're currently paying in rent, with our free, easy to use calculator. This calculator will also take the downpayment, property tax, and insurance into account.

Enter your monthly rent payment:
Enter the anticipated mortgage interest rate:
Enter the term of the mortgage (years):
Enter the anticipated annual property taxes:
Enter the anticipated annual insurance:
Downpayment % 0% 10% 20%
The size mortgage you could afford:
Down payment amount:
Price of home:

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