Credit Card Principle vs. Interest

With this calculator you can figure out how much of your next credit card payment will go toward interest, and what will go toward your principle balance. Notice that if you make a higher payment, more of your payment will go toward the principle and less to interest. AND, a higher payment will reduce your total interest charges and number of payments. You should aim to make payments as high as possible to avoid the excessive interest charges.

Credit Card Principle vs. Interest Calculator

Find out what portion of your credit card payments are going to principle and interest with our free Credit Card Principle vs. Interest Calculator. Simply enter your balance, interest rate, and monthly payment amount and click Compute.

Enter the current balance on your credit card:
Enter annual interest rate (APR):
Enter the amount you are currently paying per month:
Portion of next payment that will be applied to the principal:
Portion of next payment this will go to pay interest charges:
Total interest charges:
Number of monthly payments:
Total number of years:

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