Credit Card Comparisons

You're far better off not carrying any credit card debt. But in case you do, you want to have a credit card that reduces the cost of that debt as much as possible. Use this calculator to compare new cards, or to compare a new card to one you currently have. If you have credit card debt you're unable to pay on multiple cards, you should try our Credit Card Consolidation Calculator.

Credit Card Comparison Calculator

Find out which credit card is better for you with our free Credit Card Comparison Calculator. Just enter a balance amount and monthly payment along with the terms of each credit card to see the difference in number of payments and total costs.

Enter a balance amount to use to make comparison:
Enter a monthly payment amount:
Must be greater than monthly interest charge
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Annual fee (optional):
Enter introductory annual interest rate (optional):
Term of introductory rate (# months - optional):
Enter the regular annual interest rate:
Enter the compounding period:
Number of payments till paid off:
Total costs:

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