Leasing a Car

This calculator will provide your likely monthly car lease payment. Should you lease rather than buy your car? There are other issues to consider besides the monthly payment. Monthly payments are generally lower for leasing a car compared to getting a loan, but at the end of the loan you own your car, whereas you will not with leasing. There are also often mileage limits for leasing, and early termination fees to keep in mind. If you'd like to see monthly payments for financing a car, see our free Car Loan Calculator.

Car Lease Calculator

Find the estimated monthly lease payment with our free Car Lease Calculator.

Purchase price:
Cash down payment:
Net trade-in allowance:
Sales tax rate percentage:
Term (in months):
New car lending rate (APR):
Car value at end of lease:
Monthly payment:
Capitalized cost:
Lease price:
Residual value:
Monthly depreciation fee:
Monthly lease fee:
Pre-tax montlhy payment:
Montlhy sales tax payment:

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